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Thread: Why Does Warez P2p Client Freeze

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    I just installed the warez p2p client today because I heard it has half a million users on its network. It connects OK, and I can see the status message saying the number of users and files currently on the network.

    But whenever I press any button to do anything at all (eg Search, Preferences etc), the whole program just freezes, and in the end I have to shut it down. It always happens, and I've tried at least 5 times now. This renders the program completely useless, as I can't do anything with it.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled, yet the problem continues.
    Operating system is Windows XP Home, service pack 1.

    It is such a shame, as this has the potential to be a good program, if only it actually worked.
    Does this happen to everyone else? Is the program buggy and should I try an older more stable version?

    I know about Ares connects to the same network, but I would prefer Warez because it has the status bar showing the number of users online.

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    It's OK, I've fixed this now.
    In the end, I had to leave it for over 2 hours while it hashed all my files. Since the hashing was finished, it didn't freeze any more.
    In the end - it's a good thing, the more files we share, the better.
    My first impressions are good, I'd say it's my second favourite to K-Lite 2.6 !

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    you should have been better off with Ares, sence Warez is a Ares Ares does not freez or make you hush files right way.....and it does not have adds and Spyware in it.


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