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Thread: Weird Files

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    I posted this problem a while back and got some very useful responses. Unfortunately none of them helped me much.

    Every item I look for in the search box comes back with an icon very similiar to a little TV screen. I have tried video, audio, documents etc. all come back the same.
    They download fine but on opening they have that horrid windows icon "open with" I have'nt a clue what to do. I have all codecs installed and have 98se.

    This has only happened the past few weeks and I am wondering if I have to make any adjustments to my set-up.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    its because you installed something without reading it
    then uninstall ed it
    like quick time and associated all media files with quick time
    then un-installed it you need to right click the file in windows, not kazaa and if its a mpg/avi open with wmp
    if its a mp3/ogg open it with winamp

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    Thank you for your help. I appreciate what you are saying but I have never had quick time or real player installed. I only have Win Media player and the codecs I have installed.


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