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Thread: Just Got A New Keyboard

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    Jun 2004
    I just got my new keyboard today theLogitech Cordless Desktop Optical Mx and it's a godsend! It took me about 5 mins to setup and have it all ready going. The media part is amazing which lets me control winamp using the keyboard with ease. I can open folders (my music, my pictures) at a push of a button (F11 and F12) buttons for messenger, shopping (?) it even has buttons i havn't even tried yet! Also the scroll bar on the left of the keyboard is very well placed and below that allows me to quickly open a website launcher. And for the mouse. i got the product at 9AM (the guy woke me up banging on the door) and when i first used it, i got a warning saying low battery. I placed the mouse on the charger for 10 mins and its been working fine all day! easy to move, 5 extra buttons on the mouse and overall very well thought out. The cordless is really good, neat and tidy with great range.. only dowside is it's abit pricey at £71 but IMO well worth it! Sorry to go on abit but its really nice typing with this thing.. i cant stop myself

    umm, its a great keyboard and mouse

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    I have the same keyboard/mouse, and i must say you are right, is so funny to say the best keyboard i have ever used is wireless but its true, i listen to a lot of music so winamp controls on the keyboard are my best friends, also the shortcuts are ver well placed and handy i have Photoshop, calculator, MSN, everything i use a lot, its amazing and the mouse is just as great, good buy

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    I have that keyboard except that it's white ( ) and wired ( ).

    my mouse is wireless though, but not as good as that one.

    Anyway, nice buy. B)


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