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Thread: Why Change Song Names?

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    Why do people do this? Listening to what is supposed to be Eric Clapton and it turns out to be some bullshit rap crap. I listen to an old band Autograph and some of it is actually Quiet Riot, in this case it sounds somewhat similar but why change it. I can't believe how stupid some people really are. Some kids are beaten sensless for a reason.

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    I don't understand the reasoning behind intentionally misnaming a file either, so I feel your pain. If there was a monetary factor involved it would still be despicable but at least comprehensible. The practise seems to be much more widespread with video files and if dl'ing a 5,000 kb fake file is irritating , then doing the same with a 700,000 kb movie file is UNFORGIVABLE!
    Usually, a check of the file name (as opposed to the Title) will expose a blatant fraud, but not always, so there's no defence against a determined jerk except for the realization that those files are a minority and the good stuff is still free.
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