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Thread: Wireless Internet

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    Hello all, I just recently got myself a wireless router for my laptop, and was wondering what your recommendations were secutiry-wise. I have enabled WEP 128-bit, but I've heard that there are many flaws with WEP. I'm new to this sorta thing, and could use some advice. Thanks!

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    WEP is fine basically, unless someone pretty competent is desperate to get into your network you should be fine.
    Personally, I've enabled WEP, setup the mac address filtering on my router (its my Wireless Access Point so all network traffic is sorted out by it) and i've disabled SSID sending. I think thats me pretty much covered

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    I've just switched to wireless (NETGEAR DG384G) but I can't route it as I have no idea what the username and password are (and its not admin/admn and password)

    Which means crap Bittorrent speeds

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    how did you set it up to even connect to the internet if you don&#39;t know the password?

    You probably changed it, if you really can&#39;t remember what u changed it to hit the reset switch on the back. It&#39;ll wipe all your settings

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    it will have the default password and username.

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    Just make sure you change the default encryption key. If you&#39;ve got nosey neighbors they can sniff out all your wireless traffic and run a cracker like airsnort to get the keys.

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    Yeah, I got a WEP keygen and made a random key with it. I&#39;ve also disabled the SSID sending. Plus, I configured the router to only allow my desktop computer&#39;s and laptop&#39;s MAC addresses. Do you guys think that&#39;s enough?

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    Does your router run any kind of other services like dhcp, dns, ldap, etc? If so then you might want to make sure and stay up to date with the firmware.

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    Yeah, I saw references to DHCP and DNS in my config. Also, it displays my firmware version and stuff. I don&#39;t really know to update any of that stuff, or what any of it is, really (I&#39;m new to this), but I&#39;m sure that it&#39;s nothing a good google search or two won&#39;t fix.

    Thanks for your help.


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