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    Okay, so I spent three days downloading discs one and two of Unreal II--.bin's and .cue's. I carefully burn them both at 4X with disc-at-once/96. CD1 installs just fine... CD2 gives me a CRC error and closes setup. Was the download corrupted? Does the setup prog "know" that I'm using an illegitmate CD? Did I burn it wrong? God Himself doesn't even know the answer to those questions. But I'm really beginning to doubt that any of this shit is worth the trouble. In the time I've spent fiddle-fucking around with these images, I could have put in a full work day and bought the damn game!!

    Sorry if I'm coming across like some huge whiner because I can't get my free games, but I'm just a little bit disgruntled and frustrated right now, and I need to vent. Anyway, I don't know about eDonkey or eMule, but if any of you plan on downloading U2 from Kazaa, spare yourself the high blood pressure (and disappointment) and shell out the cash for it instead. Sage advise, my friends.

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    Most likely it was corrupt. Did you use CD Mage to check for errors before burning? It can repair cd image errors, but not all the time.


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