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Thread: Office 2003 Outlook Questions

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    i just installed outlook on my new notebook and a couple things are acting differtnly than my desktop.

    1) when i click on a link in an email in the reading pane a "locate link browser" box pops up. Could it be that IE is not my default browers? the link launches and works... but i have to close out that box every time i click a link. Annoying.

    2) regardless of how long i sit on an email and read it in the pane the new mail icon wont go away untill i move off of it. I think i set it so if i stay on the email for 2-3 seconds it sould go to "Read" mode... and that works if i move off of the email. but if it is the last email in the box and i have no other new mail to move off of it to.. then it just stays as New Mail.. untill i back down to an email i have already read. Annoying.

    3) extra credit... my work computers have a handy little desktop icon called "callendar" it does not open the outlook calendar. Just a little quick, lite calendar that shows the entire month to see what day of the week it is etc. Where can i find that prog? It appears to be an MS office or windows program.

    thanks for any help

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    As far as a nice calender - I like the freeware ...

    You can customize the task bar clock - and it has a nice popup calendar.

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    so I guess no one has a save diaolog box pop up when you click on a link in your outlook pane.

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    I use 2003 at work..and I don't think I've ever had that problem..but I can tell you more tomorrow when I'm at work.

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    I really like that pop up calendar.... however i hate the clock... it doesnt mesh into the tool bar well at all.

    Any other quick easy light pop up calendars or a way to use the calendar and not the clock from your suggestion?

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    As long as you don't auto hide the task bar - you should have no problems with the task bar clock.
    I'm hoping he'll fix this in his next rev.

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    This was the calendar that I was talking about.

    Turns out it is freeware.



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