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Thread: Bs Player With Mpeg Onto Tv

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    I have BS Player to play my video files onto my TV display i use my Nvidia card TV Out to do this and have it set up so video's will go to full screen on secondary display (TV). Well on WM Player its fine both AVi and MPEG files will go to full screen no problem at all. I like to useBS Player as you can set aspection ratios and do it so video does not wide screen lines on them on my TV. Well with MPEG's i cannot do this cos it won't go to full screen with BS Player. I use WM player to watch them but i have annoying black lines at top and bottom and wantto get rid of them which BSPlayer will do for me.

    Whats going on why won't it go to full with BSPlayer playing a MPEG.

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    those movies with the black lines as you call them are wide screen format, try using video lan to veiw them.


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