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Thread: Downloading Question

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    Could someone please explain to me once I have the software file I need downloaded to my folder how I then copy it to cd.

    I have tried it a few times after reading the information but I must be doing something wrong because it does not appear to be working.

    I know it something simple I am not doing buy what it is I just don't know.

    Thanks Jim

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    what is the file extention of the file you downloaded (.rar, .iso, .zip, etc.)
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    Yeah needs a bit more info m8, depends on what your trying to do, zipped or rar files may need extracted before burning, iso generally need burmed to disc using nero or alocohol 120% or similar, and bin and cue files clicking the cue sheet should already set up the burning process for u, let us know.

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    The software file I downloaded to my shared folder say's the following,

    download then it has all the numbers and then .dat

    Question is how do I now burn this file onto a cd

    Thanks Jim

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    that should have been remaned by k-lite.

    find out what the name of the file was in k-lite then rename the file to that
    There are 10 types of people in the world those who understand binary and those who dont

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    klite's gotta finish the file try opening it and wait a few mins.

    also make sure teh download finished, but im sure you know THAT already.

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    to be clearer:
    The "downloadxxxxxxxxx.dat" files are temporary files that Kazaalite creates when you beging downloading a file. this is where it 'builds' the file until it's complete.
    You could burn these files if you want, just like any other files on your computer.

    Using a burning program, just select that applications equivalent of "Create Data CD" and add those files to the list to be added to the cd.

    but, as stated, those are temporary files, and aren't really good for anything.
    If you have videoLAN or something you can preview the movie files & stuff, but...just wait till the downloads are complete.
    Then Kazaalite will automatically give them the correct filename.

    If, however, your downloads are all complete, you can try changing the file extensions of those temporary .dat files to whatever extensions it should be (like .mp3, .mpg, .avi or whatever) and see if you're able to use them like that.

    anyway, then you can burn them as described above...just create a data cd.

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