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Thread: Pisspoor Downloads

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    I am so fed up with this I think Im gonna uninstall and forget it. And to many I know that is of no concern. I hope there is at least one person on this forum that is knowledgable enough to give this one more try. My dl's use to be around the 300 mark. I have installed a Linksys router and all I can get now, if Im lucky is .5 to 2.5. So I know its the router.

    I have forwarded port 7000, named the program, enabled, all as instructed.
    Then I go into Kazaa and change the port to 7000. I have done this while Kazaa is connected, and have done it discon. I had been using 2.4.3 and decided to upgrade to No success with either one. I did a port scan to see which ports are being blocked. None of the ports I have used (I also tried other port numbers) were blocked.

    I have other programs configured fine, mIRC and emule, they both work perfectly, giving good speeds (if one can consider emule and speed in the same sentence).

    Is there any help for this problem, or is all hope lost?!

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    How many downloads have you tried? Maybe its not your computer that has the problem maybe it the downloads you selected. Some are slow some are fast. It all depends on who you get it from. Slow sucks but days of needing more sources is worse.

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    I've tried around 30 different dl's. And of different types. ALL slow.

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    My user count has been extremely low... as low as 59,000 today. But it bounces around *alot*. It'll be 59k, then 98k, then 2.5 million! All in the span of 5 minutes.
    Apparently, gone are the days of 4 million user counts.

    I spend days, even weeks with More Sources Required on my dl's. Only this week did I decide to come here to the forum to see if I could find out what's going on. I've been very happy with my results for a couple of years, but I's still using K++ 2.10, so I thought it mught be time for an upgrade.

    I'm still reading the boards to try to get a better sense of what's happening and if the upgrade will actually remedy the situation. I don't like to upgrade for upgrade's sake. I don't get nearly enough "play time" to deal with all the resulting issues. So, at this point, the jury's still out.

    I did read one msg that said the low user count problem was related to an insufficent number of supernodes to support the network. So, we could be seeing the beginning of the decline of this network. That then opened the stick with Kazaa or move to another network question. I'm still pondering that one, too...


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