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    i`ve just spent ages downloading cubase sx with the crack and everthing.
    it installs perfect but when i try to start it gives me "Syncrsoft POS error. Anerror has been signaled by the Protected Object Server. >No prtection device connected. Connect device and click OK"

    what can i do about it??

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    I think it shows that your software is not cracked the way it suppose to.
    That lil piece of hardware (protection device) you are talking about is the "protection" part of the program. Legally, you need to have that connected to your PC or Mac, and you would be ready to go. I have seen VST-24 legal version "in action" so to speak. Thats a red box that you connect to COM-port or so, may be USB or else in these days, VST-24 is rather old and i dont know about the newer versions. (Using version Kazaa mostly)
    However, important part here is your crack. Cracks usually come with .nfo files (MS info-files,could be plain .txt or .doc etc.) and those files have VERY important information of the installation. Even if it installs without giving any error-messages, it does NOT mean that the installation was succesful. You only know when you run the program and see what happens.
    I've been fighting a lot of hours installing VST-5, SX or Nuendo on different PC's. It can be difficult, not impossible.
    I suggest that you look for the .nfo-file and see if you did something differently or whatnot. Then uninstall, clean up registry of ANY entry about Steinberg etc.
    Then read the -nfo file once again, all of it, and then do new install, cross them fingers and hope it'll work.

    Im not been rude here, this is just an example how i would install.

    btw, what version of SX you have? I got 1.02, havent installed yet so i dont know if my version "works" either. But i know that first release (1.00) was buggy and heard a friend of mine used 1.01 for awhile and went back to first release, because it kept crashing in his machine.

    If you cant get it installed without the hardware protection, try to find a new version, Oxygen and Paradox usually have good versions of Cubase VST out there. There is also the issue of what kind of soundcard, midi-patchbay, hardware in general you have. Running SX with a laptop and Soundblaster will not be fun, it may work, but its gonna suck ass.

    Hope this help.

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    If you guys are having trouble with it, you could try Samplitude. Takes a little while to learn of course but it's studio quality editing and no real bugs. If your interested and can't find it on the network, pm me and I'll post a hash, or find some other way to get it to you.

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    Have you the

    File:STEINBERG CUBASE SX 1.01 FULL VERSION (Program+Serial+Dongle.Emu).ace.exe
    Length:265018583 Bytes,258807KB

    Works fine here.

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    thanx very much guys.
    i`ll work on your suggestions.

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    Im running Cubase SX 1.02 on Win XP with no problems. But I also put a downloaded dongle emulator in there with it.

    The dongle is a copyright protection device that connects to a USB port. The dongle emulator gets around this. There have been some claims that certain functions are passed through the device as further protection - such as moving notes in the midi editor. Ive had no problem with this.

    This version pisses over earlier Cubase - its much easier to use. The name of the file I downloaded is Cubase Sx 1.02 with new crack and I downloaded Cubase SX Dongle seperately. You might do well to try downloading the Dongle emulator first, unzipping and placing it in your already installed SX folder.

    Just run a search in Kazaa on Cubase and look for those files - should come up as there seemed to be loads of sources when I got them.

    I messed around for ages trying to get software for a DAW - hanging about in markets and downloading stuff that never worked properly. I'm so chuffed to be running Sx with Reason rewired and tons of VSTs. Its there - just takes a bit of patience to get it.


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    just out of interest what kind of music do you make ?


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