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Thread: Need Help With Postnuke Module

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    Never thought I'd be using PHP, but now I am it's now time I started to act like a newbie again

    I've been using PostNuke to generate a site related to one of the MMOGs I play on - However, I've been having trouble with writing a module for the data that's needed.

    I've written a PHP template which queries the table in one of my MySQL databases and creates a table out of the data gained. Unfortunately, learning how each part of a pN module ticks is confusing as hell, and I can't find any help anywhere

    Does anyone know of a PostNuke module that is specifically for databases/tables, or give me a guide that explains how each part works?

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    I don't know anything about PostNuke or it's workings, but if you post some code on what you're having problems with, I or some of the others around here that know php may be able to assist you.

    there's also teh definitive resource, ,for learning php...from beginner to advanced. spend a few days with it and it's not too difficult to pick up.

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