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Thread: Networking Internet - Stops Downloads - Help!

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    Hey i have windows XP pro on one of my computers and it is connected to the net, Its internet is shared (With the default windows internet sharing) and my second computer has Windows XP pro too, And is recieving the internet through the other computer, Yet - I cant download in any P2P programs, It just doesnt work - Also cant use Bittorrent, I have ISDN (Best i can do) And it is connected through the modem, Which is shared - And i recieve it through a LAN cable on my other computer.
    i really need help to get it working, im not sure why it doesnt let me download, i can look at sites and download from them, but no P2P programs.

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    I guess you got a problem getting the Internet working.
    Could be Harware issue, or Sofware settings.
    But as it is not about these Forums, im moving this to SoftwareWorld.
    Im guessing this more about XP's Internet settings and how the
    the ISDN modem is configured. Could be some Firewall blocking traffic, or something else.

    I dont know much about ISDN's or how to connect via another PC,
    as sharing the the internet connection on 1 PC with other,
    but I would first try get the settings in the main PC right.
    Install latest drivers for the modem, check the XP that it regognize the modem
    as it is suppose to, check the settings on BIOS, dont share IRQ's etc.

    When that PC would be connected to the Net and working,
    I would then try to share that connection with another PC.
    Maybe use the Network-Wizards on XP to guide through the settings,
    but keep in mind those wizards dont always do what they suppose to.

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    Try this link.

    It's for Windows 2000, but it should apply to XP too.
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