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Thread: Just A Thought.

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    i just watched 8 mile. i thought it was really good until the ending! did ne1 else think it ended too abruptly? cuz i was expecting way more, and then the credits came on and i was just like What!? it wasnt even a real ending. nothing changed since the beginning except that he was the man. it should have told about his demo (im assuming Lose Yourself) and him making it, cuz i expected that from the beginning. ah well, it was good until then. is ne1 else kind of disappointed with the end?? also what happened about the girl? ah, maybe i just like happy endings...?

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    Yeh the ending was shit!

    He just walked off and that was it...

    I thought it wud go further into like to see how he gets to the top etc

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    but its leaves the film open to a sequel.
    thou i doubt that this will happen

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    i highly doubt there will be a sequal, this is not that type of film, cuz we can assume whats gonna happen.

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    I think they were trying to go for the sort of ending which gets you think "what happend next" "but...?" etc (such as gladiator, he just died) or the matrix (altho that was set up for a sequal). But in general, the films with the ending which leave u with an insatiable thirst usualy last longer in ones memory. However, 8 Mile did not reach this goal despite being in all a good film. Thats my views anyway.

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    actually i had the insatiable thirst. i was actually really pissed off for i while, cuz i expected a good ending the entire length of the movie, and the rest of it was so good.
    the part where they rap out back of the plant with xzibit and no beat was kinda stupid tho!

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    I thought it was alright, i liked the bit where that dude shot himself, and the end battles, the lyrics where

    Awsome. Would'nt watch it again tho, once was enough

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    ya the end battles were sick! too bad theyre not really freestyles, that would have been...whoa!

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    The whole point to the ending was to show that he wasnt some bad ass, and he would just go back to work and stop living in dreamworld but wait for his dreams to come to him not him chasing his dreams

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    I didn't really like the movie. I remember at the movie theater watching the movie and thinking 'wtf is this part in the movie for'.. there were lots of scenes like that.. I thought the ending made the movie a lot worst then I had already thought and in my opinion EMINEM sucks at acting and shouldnt of began in the first place..


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