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Thread: Microsoft Xp Plus!

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    i was looking on the internet and i found this this thing by microsfot that adds a lot of games and stuff to your computer.

    have sp1 btw.

    is it worth the download, is their even a torrent on bt?

    will i run into regerstering problems seeing as how its by microsoft?

    i just want the thumbs up b4 i dl it

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    nahh not worth it.

    few VERY shitty wallpapers and screensavers (like 3 each).

    3 themes which are actually just the themes alreeady there but it applies a wallpaper with it.

    and the games are boring as fuck, the only good one (a bowling game) needs for u to pay to be able to play the whole game (lets u play one level).

    very shitty download imo.

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    Yeah, Plus! sorta sucks. If you get Plus! Digital Media Edition, that's worth a download (but not the $&#036. It has some nice Windows Media Player Skins (If you even use that), and a couple of neat add-ons. That one's a little bit more annoying to crack, though.

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    I tried plus a long time ago. It's ok for users that have used the same default blue xp theme for god knows how long. But if you want a variety then Plus! is not worth fooling with. It's utter crap to be blunt.

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    if you want to skin your xp, use a uxtheme patcher and then download visual styles from deviantart.


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