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    anyone know an nice tutorial for learning vb for a bigginer(thats me )

    i saw many of them r knowing programming vb so why dont i do it

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    omg do not learn vb first learn pascal or python.

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    or get the python interperator from

    but if you are really stuck on the idea of learning vb then try these

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    Two recommendations: "Sams' Teach Yourself Visual Basic In 24 Hours", which gives you a good beginner's knowledge of the language and the concepts of VB. Better is: "Computer Programming Concepts and Visual Basic", which is a well structured and a good introduction to most common programming procedures and concepts.
    Both contain simple tasks and exercises which I think are the best way of learning ("learning by doing") and both are available on Kazaa (I'm sharing the second recommendation, and I'm not the only one).

    Hope this helps


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