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Thread: How Does Wrk Bin. Cue. Nfo. ?

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    how does wrk bin. cue. nfo. ????

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    u need to get cdrwin to burn bin, cue files....... there is a tutorial online somewhere... ill try to find it.

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    :rtfaq: everything is explained there...

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    What are these kind of files: .bin .cue .iso .nfo ?

    .bin > This is an CD image. It is a copy of a whole CD.

    .cue > This is a small text file with some instructions that can be used by your CD Burning software to burn an .bin file onto a CD-R.

    .iso > This is an CD image. It is a copy of a whole CD.

    .nfo > This is just a text file. nfo stands for iNFOrmation. These files usually contain all kinds of inforamtion about the release. Like installation instructions. Or a cd-key, which is required by most software/games. You should open these nfo files with Notepad.

    What do I do with these kind of files: .bin .cue .iso ?

    You can burn them on a CD-R if you have a CD-Writer.

    For example in Nero Burning Rom go to File > Burn Image.
    .cue and .bin > select the .cue file
    only .bin > select the .bin file (use Mode1/2352 for burning)
    .iso > select the .iso file

    Now all you have to do choose the writing speed, select the Disc-At-Once Write Method, and click Write.

    From the manual for ya,


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