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Thread: Needing Some Help With K-lie++

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    had kazaa lite++ before i got hit from alot of viruses and everything was working fine. i have re-installed xp and now have kazaa lite again. does any one know why i can only get around 900,000 users where as before the number was so much higher.
    if anyone can help with this i would be vry greatful.

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    There are a dozen topics on this.

    But anyways, just jump suprenodes a couple times.

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    Yep...a shitload opf topics on this!
    Do a search and find out that not much can be done about this.
    The nodes got fucked up,one way or the other.

    Jump'em and you should be ok!
    Better yet....switch app!
    Newsgroups or IRC!
    They kick k-lite's ass! B)

    edit:fuuuking speeeeling


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    join the club.

    If you ask me the only thing you can do about it now is to find a different program. Ares isn't bad:


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