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Thread: Need Help With An Xp Pro Installation...

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    I have just purchased a new AMD-based Compaq Presario:

    Presario SR1000 series
    AthlonXP 3200@2.2Ghz
    512mb ram
    XP Home (SP-1 integrated and already pre-installed)

    I want to upgrade the operating system to XP Professional. I have a CD and legal key for this however it is not an SP-1 intrgrated version as the pre-installed Home version is. During the installation I encounter all sorts of error messages stating that some devices are not fully installed or that there are installation files missing. I have used this same CD on my previous Compaq PC with never any problems of any sort. When I check my hardware manager in the new PC, everything (every device) reads "OK" and enabled. When I do manage to get past these error messages, the installation wizard prompts me to search for specific files from the WindowsXP Pro CD. Of course it will not allow me to look within the CD or the drive it is in because it is in use obviously. To get around this, I had tried creating a second installation CD. Eventually the installation completes but I notice errors in the way operating system deals with things or that certain functions such as the ability to simply connect to the internet are unavailable.

    My new system runs just fine without error, on it's own. However I want XP Pro installed over this Home version. And I would much rather "upgrade" than reformat the drive and totally wipe-out the exsisting partitions. There are some of my Compaq-specific applications that I wish intact.

    If anyone could help, I would appreciate it.

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    upgrading is rather a trickey sequence, i guess thats why you have go the errors because you upgrading to pro which doesnt have the sp1.

    i can only advise you to backup what you already have and format and then do the clean install. this way the installation will run error free because it is not overwriting any other files.

    good luck

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    Best thing to do is wipe it clean.


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