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Thread: Gta:vice City On Pc

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    Ok I've downloaded GTA:Vice City files on my PC and every single one of them is wrong so I was just wondering if anyone has the correct and working version of Vice City plz tell me the filename or contact me

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    well do you know how to unpack the cd files? Or are all the files corrupted? And if they are, did you get them from e-mule or kazaa-lite? If the latter, go look for the e-mule verified stuff at isoheaven

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    I got the files from Kazaa Lite

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    can u tell me what did u got, i mean ist image file, rip version, self exctract or...
    and its should be 2 cd's unless u got a RIP version.

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    Don't download that using kazaa, I won't be suprised if you found a virus along with the files too. Use something like Bittorrent.
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