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Thread: Difference Between Video Cards

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    I posted in the sticky topic but nobody responded,

    What are the differences between a 70$ and 250$ 128 mb graphics card?

    And the differences between a 'low end' 'medium end' 'high end' graphics cards.

    Plus, isn't it true the human eye can't tell the difference between 30 fps and 80 fps?

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    Well i have a fx5200 256mb and i have to run farCry on lowest settings now look at a 6800 Ultra 256mb also a nvidia and put farcry on it and it will run at highest settings without a glitch and looks perfect. The fx5200 256mb cannot run this game smoothly on medium settings nevermind very high. Now the 6800 Ultra 256mb can run it at full and it looks amazing unlike low settings.

    Maybe this helps it a bit.

    Its like a CPU they new cards have higher clock speeds and freq's so runs better.

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    vidoe memory isn't the only thing that matters u also gotta look at the GPUs.(graphics processing unit).


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