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Thread: Need Help Pleas

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    Hi, i have downloaded unreal tournament 2003 from kazaa it works great but ther is a problem i cant play it online so if anyone nows waht to do PLEAS HELP me than

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    you need to have a VALID serial number to play it online.
    good luck getting one
    my suggestion?
    if you really want to play it online than buy the game cause even if you find a good serial once too many people start using it it will be banned
    so there's not too much we can do

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    i think u need an original cd-key to play online, without it you can't....
    hope this usefull to u

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    nenad, if you help someone do it till the end!!!

    try to find the serial in kazaa...

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    I tried that new Unreal Tournament game, and just can't seem to enjoy it. My computer can handle that game, but it seems like it is lacking something, compared to the original online Unreal Tournament.

    It even seems choppy on my PC. My buddy's PC is the same way, and he has a GeForce 128MB card. We both would rather play Quake instead.


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