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    I've looked through the pinned guides and done a search but can't find out how to do this; I want to take a lot of smallish MPEGs & MPGs and burn them to a DVD. I can't seem to do it with the Nero/Alcohol120 combination that I'd use for CDs.

    Can anyone tell me if there are equivalent programs for use with DVDs please?

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    Nero will burn to DVDs with it's DVD plugin installed, but you might as well just get a hold of NeroVision v2, cos it'll handle any kind of movie file (including Xvid/DivX & *.mov) and help you put together menus and such.
    Plus, it's easy to use.
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    You need software to convert to DVD Format then you can burn it to DVD using nero, you may want to check out TMPGenc or nero recode.

    also check out for guides for all things DVD related
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    Thanks, I already have TMPGenc but I didn't think of it - I guess I thought that it was only for MPGs. Looks like I have to convert each file individually, I was hoping to drag & drop as with a CD. Never mind, I only have to do it once for this compilation.

    I'll check Doom. Thanks for the link.


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