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    I'm using K-Lite 2.6 RC22, and I'm only seeing like 89,000 people connected. Usually, I get over 2 million. I've even tried Kazaa 4.5, and the same thing is happening. Is it me or just the network?

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    It's the network and there is A LOT of discussion going about this and has been for a while. The most helpful post about this I found was on the Slyck forum here:

    K-Lite is Dieing

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    i think it is caused by sharman updating/upgrading, or having problems with, the supernodes that handle the total user numbers. and when your supernode cant connect to them it will show the users on your current supernode and all inter connected supernodes to that one.


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    I just got 2.8 million after jumping supernodes.

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    ya, I've been having problems as well staying on a good supernode. I usually start off the program on a good supernode, then it jumps onto a crappy supernode and I have to either jump or select a new supernode until I find a good one. I jus jumped to a good one and amazingly, it's staying on it with no far.

    BTW, what's up with the available files list? the users have stuck at about 2.4million users, but the files list has jumped from 12-million GB to 26.6-million GB in just a few days.


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