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Thread: Yuan Smartvga Radeon 9600 Lite Edition 256mb

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    hi i visited the site and it says my memory should be running at 400Mhz, but when i use programs like atitool and radlinker it says its 203 mhz.

    what i can't understand is why would they make a card with 256mb ram, and a core(325mhz) and memory(203mhz) that can't handle it. i can't believe i bought such a crap card

    if you can't help me, i have clocked it to 415/225, why can't i clock the memory higher, i have elixir memory chips

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    i think its something to do with ddr. so 203 is actually 406
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    ya ddr, double data rate. double what it says and u get the actual speed.


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