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Thread: Realplayer Doesn't Load After Installing K++ Mega

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    I recently installed the mega codec pack (1.03) and for some reason, my realone player refuses to load anymore. Of course, since i have installed the codecs, i can decode realplayer files in WMP, but it is boggling my mind as to why my realone player doesn't load anymore. It's becoming a bit of a nuisance...

    My friend has the same problem, so I know it's not an isolated case.

    Would anyone care to enlighten me on how to remedy this issue? Thanks alot

    Edit: I've tried installing/reinstalling to no avail. I would manually go into the registry of cleaning out all of the realone components after uinstall and start TOTALLY fresh with no trace of realone at all, but that's my last resort. If that doesn't work either, i don't know what will.... I want to see if there are any other remedies before i go that route; thanks

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    The official Real software won't work alongside Real Alternative. You'll need to uninstall the codec pack and reinstall it without Real Alternative. You'll also need to reinstall your official Realplayer.

    Hope this helps.

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    You were right

    Thanks alot

    I uninstalled the codec pack and was able to uninstall/reinstall realplayer and run it with no problems. Since i originally only wanted the codec pack for the realalternative codec, i guess i'll leave it the way it is for now.

    The reason i want both the codec as well as the program is because there are a few sites that i access that use realplayer exclusively for video streaming; however, i want the codec so that i will be able to view some realplayer files on WMP that i have on my computer.


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