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Thread: A Simple Question About Emule

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    I keep reading about how emule is better for downloading games that don't contain corrupted files....

    so my question is this....Does emule install spyware on your pc? and if it does, how does one remove it?

    I do have adaware 6 installed

    and no, I have not installed emule on my pc, well not yet anyway

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    No, eMule doesn't install spyware.

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    no spyware!...great

    thx MagicNakor :beerchug:

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    I heard of Emule's good reputation too, first time I used it I went for the biggie file, cd 1 of Medal of...part 16 of which was corrupted! I havent switched eMule back on since! I just dont bother with games now, if people cant be bothered to unshare their corrupt files.

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    Emule redownloads any corrupted parts of a file, that's why it's so popular at downloading games.

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    I'm moving this topic to Other P2P Program Discussions.

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    Originally posted by The_Great_Dude@25 March 2003 - 02:31
    Emule redownloads any corrupted parts of a file, that's why it's so popular at downloading games.
    The Great are great! I did not know this about eMule.Thanks for the piece of good news!

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    They also have tools for recovering corrupted downloads at Don't ask me how well they work; I just started using eMule and none of my downloads have completed yet. I will say this though - I immediately found several games that I had been searching for on Kazaa for ages! B)


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