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Thread: Micky D's New Blunt Flavored Yogurt

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    Teen Claims She Found Joint in Parfait

    SAN BENITO, Texas (AP) - A teenager says she found a partially smoked, quarter-inch long marijuana cigarette in her frozen yogurt parfait at a McDonald's in South Texas.

    Valerie Valle, 16, of Round Rock and seven other family members were returning home Thursday from a weeklong vacation on South Padre Island when they stopped for breakfast, the Valley Morning Star in Harlingen reported Saturday.

    Valle said she waited in line to return the parfait and replied ``no thanks'' when asked if she wanted another one. The restaurant refunded the money.

    According to a San Benito police report, only two McDonald's employees made parfaits that morning. Restaurant management told police the employees take drug tests.

    Police took the used marijuana cigarette as evidence.

    No charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.


    I'm thinking:Her choices were keep the blunt "for later" or turn it in then file a lawsuit ....she choose the girl

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    Either that or it's hers and when Granny caught her she dabbed a little yogurt on it and said "Errrrr....I found it!!"

    Either way, yuppers, a damn smart girl.


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    What a lucky bitch.


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