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Thread: Auto Shut-off And Turn On, Comp Program?

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    hey guys, i know there is some way to do this, or at least part of it. heres what I need, maybe someone knows a good way to do this.

    i need a way to set a computer (likely with a program) to automatically shut down at a specific time, and then turn it self on at a specific time. a proper shut down in windows, or even better, a hibernate, if that can be done...

    the reason i am trying to do this is so that kazaa can download at night, and then shut down my comp in the day... cause i'm not always around to do this and my parents get pissed cause their internet gets slow... lol go figure


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    Oooops I just read Nightwolf^.`.^ post and I re-read HELLBRINGER's post, I was mistaken I thought You wanted programs to be started/closed at specifics time.


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    Originally posted by Nightwolf^.`.^@22 March 2003 - 22:48
    You could try this free program:

    Let me know how it works.
    From Cust Reviews:

    Happy Cosutmmer 27-Nov-2002 03:44:16 PM

    "'tis good"
    now I can download at night and it shuts my computer down before my parents awake!

    Guess, it works well for your spsific needs...

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    umm im not sure but how can the computer turn its self back on with out some sort of hardware off it can do with windows Scheduled Tasks thing but i dont think it can turn back on try looking here tweakxp

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    the only thing i know that can turn a comp on by it self is subseven.

    by the way subseven is a backdoor virus so dont consider using it.

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    It'd be better to hibernate it than switch it off, as once it's off it won't be able to switch itself back on.


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