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Thread: Fl Studio... Anyone Get It To Work?

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    Has anyone tried downloading FL Studio 4.5.2? Its great, but i really need some of the plugins to work (meaning not in demo mode). I've downloaded several cracks/patches for them but they don't seem to work. Has anyone gotten the Sytrus plugin to work? I especially need that one to be functional.

    Thanks for any info.

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    You need to download the full version. All the cracks do is get rid of the limit on how long you can use it. I think that kazaa has a working copy, and the latest version is FL studio 5.1.

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    Got the working full version. Maybe i'm just installing the plugin wrong (possibly a way to detect/add the plugin in FL studio itself).

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    hey! FL Studio is kool i like it. heres a song i made:


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