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Thread: How Do You Delete Registery Keys?

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    Ok i had sum visitors in ma house and as you know i was busy away from the computer.

    So i think that one of ma lil cuzins went on the computer and thought that the supernode reg files were games or sumtin. Cuz apparently he clicked em and clicked em and did a whole lot of junk.

    It is the same supernode files found the the Fastrack Forum section here. It is pinned.

    I know how a lil about regedit but i need to know how to find the supernode registery key and how to delete it.


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    why not just reinstall the app then?

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    if you right click on the reg file and do edit it will open in notepad. Once in there you can see where the keys were written in your registry. then run regedit and browse to those keys and delete them.


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