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Thread: Nero Cd Burning.

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    Obviously me doing something wrong, but I really don't know what it is.

    Trying to burn avi and mpeg files onto cd using Nero. Use the wizard and it seems quite happy to burn the files, but when I try to open them, there is no playable media files there. The burnt cd shows these folders....CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT, and VCD. None of these will play at all.

    The same happens when I use Windows Xp cd burning program.

    The files will play from the hard disk so I know they are ok.

    Could someone please explain where I am going wrong here. Obviously something really stupid, but no idea where to go now. I am not familiar with Nero, but to have Windows do the same thing means it is something I am doing wrong.

    Many Thanks.

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    install > open > choose vcd > hit ok

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    sounds like you've created a video CD (VCD). these are meant for playback in a DVD player. If your PC doesn't have a DVD-Rom drive than do as muchspl2 stated, and play only the video file. it is the one labeled "MPEGAV." VideoLAN is a decent player for this purpose.

    BTW, it sounds like you wanted to burn data files only. choose that option when the Nero Wizard starts...


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    Will have a look at Videolan.....thanks for that.


    I DO have a DVD player on the comp, so assumed it would play a VCD. I selected "other CD formats" and not Data or Audio. Then it asks ...choose format...Audio and Data mixed...Video CD or Create CD from Image file. I chose Video CD. Is this the right choice to do what I want to do? The idea was actually to burn cds so that I can play them on the comp AND the Home DVD on the tv.
    Many thanks for the help so far.

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    also if u don't want to play it as a vcd the file ca be found in one of the folder under a different name.

    lol i think it is in the mpegav folder...anyway it will be the only big file on the cd.

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    Hi Guys.

    Well, after installing Videolan, I can now play the video files ok. Strange that it won't play any MP3 files, but can use WMP for that if I have to.
    Anyway the videos work on the home DVD as well, so great result.
    Any ideas why the MP3's wont play on Videolan?

    If not, many thanks for the help to all.



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