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    I download some movies and when I play them it doesn't have video and the lengh of it says like hundreds, sometimes over 2,000 minutes. Are these files fake? Do I need a special codec? thanks for any help

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    Could just be a sound file. Can you give an example - file name, expected file, file type, where you got it from...

    It could also be a codec problem. Most commen are divx, xvid, 3vix.
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    I've been tring to get shrek 2 so I went to and got a sig file and downloaded it, I thought it would work if I got it from there, but it don't. it's a avi file, but I've tried mpg too.

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    Get the K-Lite codec pack (from here: Edskes) and sometimes file is being shown like that (my Ghost in the Shell is supposed to be more then 4 hours)


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