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Thread: Viewing Music Files On Cd

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    I bought a music CD and when i right click and go to explore I see no music files there.

    i tried holding shift when putting the CD in and the CD did not automatically run, but I still couldn't see the music files.

    How do I see the music files on the CD?

    I can see the video files that came on the cd, just not the music files.

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    should be able to,.mate..ummm open the cd with nero ,a player...

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    If it's got a data track on the disc Windows Explorer will only see the data on that track and not the other music tracks.

    A player program or mp3 software should still be able to see and play the songs though.

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    players can play it. i was just wondering if i could see them on the CD itself in explorer.

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    hmmmm, you mean if you went into the drive that the CD was in? if so the answer is no the tracks will always show up as something like track 1, track 2, ect...but if you play them in winamp or windows media player, then something call CDDB should find the track names off the net and display them for you in the player...i dont know if that helps or if thats even what your looking for but thats what i got out fo your question


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