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Thread: Speeding Up N Slowing Down Mp3's

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    i wanna speed up a song like pitch,tone whatever do u know of any free programs all the ones i try dont let u do more than like 30 seconds! a nice easy one?



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    There's a plugin for Winamp that'll do this for you. It applies the new pitch/tempo as you play the song so the effects aren't permanent, but it'll give you the result you're looking for.

    You can find it here.

    If you're looking to change the pitch permanently then use something like Soundeforge.

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    Cooledit has a handy tool for this as well.

    I speed up all my mp3s so ppl can download them faster.

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    You have to convert the files to wav but the wonders of Windows have decided to incliude Sound Recorder. Not sophisticated but hey it's free.

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    or WMP9 there's an option to speed up/slow down and a few other things while the song is playing


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