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Thread: When I Run Kazaa Lite It Shows Me As The Only User

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    hi when i run kazaa it shows that i am the only user i have noticed the last few days that sumtimes there would be 2 and a half million people sharing then it would drop to 60to 90 thousand and then sumtimes it would go back to the 2 million i have uninstalled kazaa lite and re downloaded it and it still only show me as the only person on please help

    thanks chris

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    You need to go into the Options dialog box and disable the ability to be a supernode.
    If you get a low number of users, go to File > Jump Supernode and it should be OK again.

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    thank you sparkle1984 i really appreciate your help kazaa is working great again


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    I have a similar problems. Most of the times I have 80-90.000 users and for one minute I have 2,5 million user. I have klick on supernode but that not help. I pay for my Kaaza. This problem is new. What can I do?

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    Originally posted by squareeye@2 August 2004 - 15:28
    I pay for my Kaaza. This problem is new. What can I do?
    when in panic or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

    and see this thread

    EDIT: Wise man once said: "Never pay for file sharing. Anyone who charges is a scammer!"

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    Please, give me a advice instead, what can I do.......

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    Here's some advice: Get your money back. You've been dooped.

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    thank you! I now saw the tread.....

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    Well, I tried to follow the advice given here, but it still says I am the only person online. I never saw the numbers changing or anything. I stopped the supernode thing, and jumpred supernode, and I am still the only user online......(feelin mighty lonely scanning my own files here hehe). Anyone, help me please????


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