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Thread: Active X Problems

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    Oct 2003
    I am getting active x problems, don't know how it happened, tried to get some progs of the net and fix it but all they do is find the problem and want you to register it before it fixes it. and none of the serials could be found on any of the serial sites. anybody know how else i could fix these errors for free?

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    Find a copy of norton system works 2003 . Search google for it .I run it all the time, it finds and fixes them. What they are I have no idea. With 2003 you don't need a serial tho.

    Edit: It's on kazza lite and limewire, just checked .download at your risk of course!

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    you shouldn't have to pay for anything.

    2 freeware spyware removers do just fine. adaware and spybot s&d

    you can also get hijack this and save and post your log here.

    spywareblaster will protect you from most bad active x programs. (also freeware)



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