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Thread: Has Anyone Been Able Download Much Lately ?

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    For the last month or so I ahve not been able to download much at all from K Lite.

    I am using 2.43

    I am sure it is due to all of the fake files and the HUGE number of files that are now on KLite whereas the number of users on line is down to 2,300,000 odd or 90,000 (depends)

    I have about 20 files in my queue in various states of downloadedness and none wil start downlaoding.

    If I search for a new file with lots of users then it starts

    I get the feeling that many users are leaving KLite which is a shame.

    I have been using Ares for the last month or so and it is great !

    Just what Klite should have been.


    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    every one's turning to Ares.kazza's dead and that no secret.


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