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    I Just Finnished Downloading A Film Called "How High" And It Wouldn't Play Back With Media Player, Avi Preveiw Or WinAmp But it Played Back With DivX Player BUT It Wouldn't Fast Forward And Everytime I Tryed It Went Back To The Start So I Decided To Watch It From The Start And About 10 Minutes Through It Went Right Back To The Start On Its Own And It IS a Full Film Cause Its 1:32:45 As The Total Time. Will Someone Help Me Tell Me What Codec I Should Get To Play It All The Way Through Or Any Program That Can Fix It?

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    Load it into GSpot. It will help you determine what codecs you need and are possibly missing. Also, in the mean time you might try VLC

    I believe it doesn't actually use codecs... I think it has it's own built-in decoder. At any rate I can normally play the most difficult files with it.

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    Thanks But It Still Goes Back To The Start after 15 minutes any1 else got any suggestions?

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    Ok you don't say where you got it if on KaZaa have you checked it for bad frames if not try one of these on it then play it again.

    If that doesn't cure the thing then get AviCheck and tell us the B-VOP:Yes/no, S(GMC)-VOP:Yes/no and QuarterPixel: Yes/No.


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