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    I downloaded Kazaa Lite and paid $30 for a year subscription.. i recently installed spysubtract and when i ran a scan it detected a threat from Kazaa Lite files and when it quaratined the files it disable Kazaa Lite and i could not connect till i restored the files... Is there a threat from having Kazaa Lite installed on my computer??? I hope i did not waste my money on this program. thanks

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    Sorry to say this to you but you've been scammed
    Kazaa Lite is free,as is every other p2p app
    So yes you did waste your money on this
    Try to get a refund or block the payment through your credit card company.

    Kazaa lite itself is spyware free.
    But it's possible those scamsites do put in some spyware.
    The files you download with it could contain spyware.

    Best spyware/adware removers are Spybot Search&Destroy and Adaware.
    They are both free to download and use


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    I'm afraid you did, because KazaaLite is available for free in many places.

    You've been the unfortunate victim of an evil scam.

    I'd suggest you uninstall what you've got, and run your spysubtract again. Then when you're satisfied you've got a clean system, install a new version of kazaa lite from one of the links in this thread.

    Hope this helps, and be wary of paying for anything on the internet again! There's alot of scum out there...


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