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Thread: Download Speed Despite Broadband

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    I have broadband at 10x faster than dial-up. The speed is 576 kbps.

    I have Kazaa Lite K ++ Version 2.4.3. Despite the broadband my download speed on kazaa lite is around 4/6 kbps. Why is it so slow ? What do I do to increase the spped ? Thank you.


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    Hi hdoshi

    I suggest that You first of all really check that Your connection is slow. You can do that by following these steps:

    1) Search for a very widespread song (some early hit by Elvis Presley, or some earlier hit by Madonna).

    2) Let Your ASM (Auto Search More) be activated all the time (Auto Search More - No limit).

    3) When you have collected well over 50 user's, start the download, and check Your download speed for that song. To find 50 users that are sharing a very widespred song should not take long time at all.

    4) Last but not least! Do this at a time of day/night when there are not so many users connected. Don't do it when there is 3 mill users connected, because then the network is a bit clogged. Do it when there are around 2 mill users instead.

    I assume that You don't use Your internet connection for heavy uploads or other activities while You're doing this test.

    If You still find that You have a very slow download speed, the tech wizard's will help You with more tips, I'm sure!

    (I'm running Kazaa Lite ver 2.43)


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    You can also test your speed in web speedtests like Numion Numion

    There you ll see if is correct. You must do at least 4 tests to surely verify your speed.


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