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    any of you know something bout the Kademlia network, or Kad???

    a client for it is built into the emule plus clients, but i cant really find any info on the network at all........ all i can find is that Kademlia is an alogrithm for distributing files, but no more...... anyone else got some info on it???
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    basicly it's a serverless ed2k protocol like overnet, with more features and opensourced

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    I've found there is lots of technical information on Kad, but there doesn't seem to be any plain english explaination of what it is or what it does.

    Thanks Vargas! Does anyone have any more info on it, like if any other apps are implementing it, what sort of speed increases does it bring, how it attaches to emule, etc.

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    any other apps are implementing it
    only eMule and eMule mods connect to kad
    what sort of speed increases does it bring
    it won't bring much for speed increases, if fact it might make them slow down since it's a serverless network, and uses up some bandwith indexing and handling search requests.
    how it attaches to emule
    it just is another way to find sources, but eMule finds MOST sources through source exchange, so as long as you have some sources, you should get the rest via source exchange.

    about the only thing kad is good for is if the ed2k servers go down, or youre downloading rare files with few sources.

    your mileage may vary. . .

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    Ah - Very helpful, thanks.

    Sounds like the mule is trying to be a gnutella...
    Hey, it's still a good idea.

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    ive used emule with kad for some time now and i must say it seems to find more sources for me ----i dl lots of rare files or files not that commen : eg techno sets and speeds are pretty good for me

    Im using 0.42 oxygen , a french mod i found somewhere

    In the end ive noticed that it always depends on what files u are trying to dl with emule : common files ---good speeds

    rare files ---not so good speeds
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    I dunno, I just install the latest eMule, run it on default settings basically,
    with Kad of course. Im not really obsessed about the speed, would be nice if
    it was really fast tho. I think everyone would luv it, evenmore.

    But, i do find and get most of my rare stuff from eMule.
    Maybe my rare stuff aint so rare. haha. that must be it.
    Its a bit like Kazaa, one has to learn to use the different search options.
    Play with the file extension, filenames and min/max sizes and you'll
    have much better luck finding stuff.

    I've tried different Mods also but its a hassle with setups and the Gain
    on the speeds seems to be rather small, if any.

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