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Thread: Burning Over 700 Mb On A 80 Min Cd

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    Ok, now before you people jump on me, let me give you the specifics. I know this type of question has been asked before, so hear me out because this one is slightly different.

    I have a file, an archive [rar file to be specific]. It contains private documents and images. The file is however 759 MB (796,852,337 bytes). Now, I did try and make this into an iso but when I checked the length of the file, it was 86 minutes. The same applied when I made a bin/cue of it via WinISO.

    Now, in the past, I have overburnt a few folders of mp3 music and some of the files in the end have been corrupted. So, I do not want to bother wasting cd's here.

    Now, I have seen many games avaliable that are over 700 Mb in file size in bin/cue format, however when burning those, there is no problem and it shows the length of the cd nicely [ex, and 747 Mb file is shown as a 74 Min and burns fine]. Now, my question is this, is there any way to make my file that I have and use the process that these game releases use to make a bin/cue file.

    I assume, that since my file is 759 Mb or approximately 760 Mb, it will count as 76 Mins and work when burnt on a cd. XCD from what I know is used more for media such as movies and such.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Take the bin/iso and wrap it up using winRAR. have it split the file in half and put each half on each cd. Then when you need it.. you will have to save each rar on you pc then open one of them and extrct the bin/iso.
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    Time isn't an issue when talking about burning data to a CD.

    Nero shouldn't have any problems burning your data files.


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