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Thread: Wilf Ball Dies At 69

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    The father of one of the Warrington IRA bomb victims has died from an apparent heart attack.

    Wilf Ball was found by neighbours on Tuesday at his home in the Grappenhall area of the town. He was aged 69.

    His three-year-old son Johnathan was murdered when he was caught in the blast in Warrington town centre on 20 March, 1993.

    He had been in town with his babysitter to buy a Mother's Day card. Tim Parry, 12, was also killed in the blast.

    His last words to his father were: "Goodbye Daddy, I'll be a good boy."

    Fifty-six people were also injured in one of the worst IRA mainland atrocities.

    Peace campaigner Colin Parry, whose 12-year-old son Tim also died in the bombing, said he hoped Mr Ball was now reunited with Johnathan.

    He said: "Wilf was a quiet and simple man who did not enjoy being in the public spotlight.

    "He had found life difficult after the death of Johnathan. I hope he is reunited with him now."

    Mr Ball was separated from Johnathan's mother, Marie.

    The Tim Parry-Johnathan Ball Young People's Centre was opened in 2003 in memory of the boys.

    At its opening, Mr Ball said: "It still hurts me so much.

    "I look great on the outside but inside I am shattered. I will never forgive the people who did this to me."

    The centre runs courses aimed at teaching young people about peace.

    In 2001, Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness met Mr Ball and Mr Parry and said he was sorry for the bomb, saying it was wrong and should not have happened.

    May Wilf finally find peace with Jonathan

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