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Thread: My Participation Level

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    My level is shown as K L Master (1000) which is in error.
    I'm old and dont have many tunes, but I share them all.
    How can I change my 'level' and is it necessary?

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    Hi dardruba

    Nothing is wrong! Quite the contrary. It is as it should be!

    When You are using Kazaa Lite (or some of it's sibling), You will get Participation level 1000.

    (The way the spyware-ridden original Kazaa was working was to set different levels depending on how much a user was downloading/uploading. But You can forget all about those levels)

    So, in short: Don't think about this and don't try to change Your settings.

    (I'm running Kazaa Lite 2.43)


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    If you really must, then go to your Options and uncheck constant PL 1000 (or sth like that) then the old PL system will kick in.


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