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    I havent had kazaalite for that long, Ive worked out how to download and play files no problem.

    To you experienced users I am going to sound really thick!! lol

    Q1. Where do you listen/playback all your songs? at the moment I just highlight them in MYKAZAALITE, but im getting fed up of doing that. I tried to make a playlist but they dont play.

    Q2. How to I transfer songs to windows player, so I can listen to my songs without being online?

    Many thanks

    ps. Any suggestions/advice how to use kazaa the best/easiest way would be appreciated.

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    Hi rachel28wales

    Your shared files (those songs that You have downloaded and are sharing with other users) are located in a standard Windows folder.

    From within Kazaa Lite You click the icon "My Shared Folder" and then You will see Your files. Just choose the song You would like to hear and If You have MediaPlayer as Your default player Your song will start in that app.

    If You're not using Kazaa Lite You need to know where on Your hard disk You have Your shared folder. If You don't remember where it is, You can easily locate it from within Kazaa Lite. Click meny "Options", and then "Kazaa Lite K++ Options", and finally the tab "Traffic". Now You can see the name of Your shared folder and where it is located on Your hard disk.

    This is where You can listen to/playback Your songs. You don't need to be connected/on line in any way to listen to Your songs within this folder. If You have MediaPlayer as Your default player Your song will start in that app.

    PS. Perhaps a bit off-topic, but: If You would like to arrange Your songs in subfolders or some other structure I suggest that You copy (not cut) Your songs from Your shared folder to that structure. But please, leave a copy of Your songs in Your shared folder too, because otherwise they will not be shared.

    (I'm running Kazaa Lite 2.43)



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