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Thread: Kazaalite Won't Resume Download

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    I downloaded over 200 mb's of a 235 mb movie twice. The user is online, but movie won't resume. It will download from zero starting from scratch over and over again but won't resume the almost completed download.

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    Hi Sagebrush

    I'm sure the tech wizard's will give You more qualified help with this, but here is how I have done when I have encountered this kind of problem:

    1) Start another new download (can be from the same user) and let it download just a small amount (say 100Kb).

    2) Go to the Kazaa Lite menu and start Tools/K-Dat.

    3) End Kazaa Lite (right-klick on the icon in the sys-tray and choose Exit).

    4) Use K-Dat and the function "Merge Sources" to merge sources from the new download to the old download. If You havn't used K-Dat You can find info about it in the forum.

    5) Start Kazaa Lite again as quick as possible.

    6) Pause or cancel the new download and let Your old download connect to the sources and continue the download.

    By this procedure I have managed to get old downloads starting again (if Kazaa Lite have been able to fetch the necessary address information about the sources).

    PS. Take a backup of Your dat-file containing the movie before You begin, in case something goes wrong.

    (I'm running Kazaa Lite 2.43)



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