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Thread: Please Help... What Am I Doing Wrong?

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    I just downloaded K-Lite v2.6, and I'm having problems downloading.

    - After I search and find files and click download, they almost always just say "searching", "connecting", or "remotely queued".

    - This occurs even if I try to download a file with 50+ users.

    - On the rare occasions when I actually start to download something, the speed is almost never higher than 3kb/sec.

    - My K-lite typically says there are ~60,000-90,000 users online, but occasionally it says there are over 1 million.

    - I've tried using the supernode files from the sticky in the forum, but they don't seem to have helped.

    - I'm using broadband, and in the past when I used K-Lite (an earlier version) I did not have these problems.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    P.S. One unrelated question: why is it that some movies seem to be "previewable" during the download, whereas others will just say "connecting" if you try to play them half-way into the download?

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    Hi bloodysmurf

    I might be able to give You a useful tip regarding Your "unrelated question":

    Download the VideoLAN mediaplayer (VLC). It's freeeware. That player is the best I have encountered when it comes to play unfinished downloads or movies with some bad frames, etc.

    You can download it from this location:

    To play Your unfinished movie with VideoLan, You need to know the name of Your DAT-file, to be able to play the correct file. The filename is something like "download1091363983535255687". If You have K-Dat in Your installation of K-Lite v2.6 You can easily see what filename corresponds to the movie You would like to preview.

    To sum it up: If a file (a partially downloaded movie in his case) is playable at all, and not totally damaged, VideoLAN does the job.

    (I'm running Kazaa Lite 2.43)


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    Thanks for the advice Hammond, though it won't do me much good if I can't download anything


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