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Thread: Better Video Player Than Vlc?

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    i dontk now how many versions there have been put out, but i have a VLC plyer that is good because it plays SOME vidfeos that are downloading, my question is, Is there any other tye of playetr that is better that VLC?

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    I think it really depends on what you consider better ex. uses less resources ,easier to use,nicer to look at maybe if you were more specific someone will help...

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    I want it to preview/play unfinished downloads, "ex. uses less resources ,easier to use,nicer to look" i dont care how many resources it uses as long as it works, i dont care if its hard to use ill get the hang of it and looking "nice" doesnt matter.

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    Well the only one that I know of that plays incomplete avi's is avi previewer but its not a complete player.The best bet would be to just try a few..I would suggest Power DVD,Nero showtime and Bs player(from the klite Mega codec pack), some people swear by media player classic.They all have good points its really a user's choice...

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    i like the media player classic because it can handle almost any type fo format.

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