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Thread: Not Uploading With Kazaa Lite

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    For some odd reason, no one is downloading from me on kazaa lite.

    I do have filesharing activated and have a few files to share yet i dont seem to be uploading ever to anyone.

    I just recently got adsl. my router is not showing anything being blocked in the log file. I set up port forwarding a few days ago so i could use bitorrent and allow people to download from me without being blocked.
    So it doesnt seemingly have anything to do with my router..

    Any idea why i may not be sharing? In kazaa light it says right in the status bar i have files to share.

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    Make sure you dont have k-lite and bt running on the same port. I had prob like your but its cause I needed to get KaNAT.
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    thanks. added a diff port and now someone had downloaded from me.


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